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How Our Club Works / Rules
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Land & Affiliate Clubs


New land is leased year-round, and we are constantly striving to upgrade quality and obtain properties in areas most requested by club members; 10% to 20% of our properties are culled each year.  Quality Management Programs are implemented on some of the most promising properties to make them even better.  Extensive advertising and direct mail produce ample offers of land for lease; however, we typically lease only 1 of every 10 properties offered to us. Lands are leased for the exclusive use of our club members and while exceptions are occasionally made for some owners, they agree to abide by the same rules and make reservations just as our club members do.  If you or someone you know might be interested in leasing property to Southwind Outdoors, .

Club members receive a notebook that includes information on every farm or property, including maps, driving instructions, terrain guides, special usage instructions, types of game available and harvest reports.  Info on new properties, harvest reports and other updates are also distributed regularly throughout the year.  Club members are also able to access property and reservation information on-line via our Members Only Section.

Our flooded fields are allowed a minimum of 3 Rest Days per week and some have strategically placed food plots to help ensure our waterfowling club members the best experience possible.  And since we maintain properties in several Arkansas counties, our club members have the flexibility to relocate to one of several other spots within an hour's drive later that day or the following morning should the birds not be flying enough to suit them a particular morning..

Over 300,000 Acres of Private Farms Across Multiple States comprise the AWA Network.  Click the below link to see an overview of where we have properties here in Arkansas.   Southwind currently manages properties in Clark, Faulkner, Jefferson, Lincoln, Lonoke & White Counties.  If we don't yet have property in the county you are interested in hunting, we will seek it out should 6 or more new club membership applications be received requesting a certain area be added.

Current Property Locations


Duck Food Pics

Sunflower Field Pics

Sample Duck Blind Pics

Lincoln County

Lonoke County

Jefferson County

White County


Click for Sample Aerial - Waterfowl Prop. Flooded Rice/Milo/Cypress Slough/Bayou - Jefferson Co
Photo 1, 2     
Click for Sample Aerial - Multi-Purpose Property Rice/Soybeans/Timber on White River - White Co
Photo 1, 2, 3
Click for Sample Aerial - Deer/Turkey Property
Timber behind Arkansas River Levee
Lincoln/Jefferson County
Photo 1, 2

Harvested Deer

All of our Arkansas deer properties are located in the Arkansas & White River Deltas.  These highly fertile & agricultural areas provide an ample food supply and compliment the Quality Buck Management Program we utilize on some of our more promising units.
8 point, 15" spread, 183 lbs dressed
26" spread, scored close to 170
8 point, 18" spread, 285 lbs
11 point, 17" spread, 198 lbs dressed
8 pt, 15" spread, 230 lbs live

AWA Affiliate ClubsElk Hunting

Southwind Outdoors is the exclusive Arkansas-area franchise of the American Wildlife Association, which is actively building new clubs across North America. As new clubs join the network, club members will enjoy an ever-increasing opportunity to reserve private property for hunting, fishing and camping all over the country! (A modest daily fee will be required and may vary by region.)

Imagine access to land all across the your fingertips with one toll-free reservation number or website!

The original AWA club, located in Kansas City, MO, has been in operation for over 25 years, manages over 100's of farms across the Midwest, plus some of the best bass fishing spots in the country! Affilliate club land is available in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota to name a few.

Your choice in game can extend much further than Arkansas Waterfowl, Turkey, Deer, Dove, native fishes � or being one of the lucky few to draw an Elk permit! Imagine having an affordable option to hunt: Pheasant, Quail, Elk, Antelope, Bear, Boar, etc. across the country!
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