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How Our Club Works / Rules
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How Our Club Works

How Our Club Works

Members' dues entitle them to reserve and use club lands as often as they wish.

Southwind Outdoors leases private land in Arkansas for our club members' private and exclusive use. We locate good habitat, negotiate for exclusive access with the landowner and then enforce the contract. When you obtain a Lifetime Club Membership and pay annual dues, YOU can reserve properties for your family to hunt, fish, camp, hike, etc., as often as you like. You set your own schedule for all seasons and all types of game, and without any competition from others. All habitats are completely natural, and usage is managed by the club to avoid overuse. A huge inventory of properties ensures good land for every outdoorsman, regardless of the desired game or season. Harvest reports filed by other members enable you to pick the right property for you and your group.

In short, Southwind Outdoors does the work our club members don't want to (and don't have time for)! We eliminate the guesswork and wasted time so you can spend more time really enjoying the outdoors!

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Qualifications for Club Membership

All club members are reviewed for good character prior to acceptance.

Each club member is expected to abide by the club rules which have been developed and refined over 16 years to ensure the safety and satisfaction of everyone involved. As in any well-managed group, club members are subject to suspension or cancellation in the event they cannot stay within these common-sense, time-tested principles.

To assure all club members that the club will remain responsive to their concerns, a 5 member Advisory Board of dues-paying club members are elected annually by the club members. The Board will review requests from management and club members for policy and rule changes. Upon the board's approval, proposed changes are voted on by the club membership via mail-in ballot. Thus the club rules will continue to reflect the wishes of the majority of club members.

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For club members visiting from out-of-state or desiring to overnight in closer proximity to where they plan to hunt, a list of accommodation options is available.


In addition to being backed-up by the AWA staff in Kansas City, Southwind's local staff is comprised of nearly 70 years experience in agriculture, outdoor activities and related fields.

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